Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to crack open the books

I've decided to take a break of sorts today because I really need to get some studying in. My goal is to take — and pass — the American Council on Exercise's personal trainer certification exam by the end of the summer. But a funny thing happened along the way: I discovered blogging.

Yes, it seems an hour or two of my day just disappears. Imagine!

So today I'm going to sit down for a few hours and study, so that when it comes time to take the exam, I'll know my gluteus maximus from my olecranon process. Or, in layman's terms, my — oh, never mind.


  1. Wow, sounds very intense. Good luck!

  2. Esther, I'm probably making it more intense than it needs to be! I had thought my test-taking days were over.

  3. Good luck!

    And it's funny, isn't it, how the whole blogging thing can eat up spare time?

    I'm sure you'll do great.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Crabby! And yeah, that blogging thing has turned out to be quite the monster. But I'm enjoying it.