Thursday, July 16, 2009

The driving range kicked my ass!

As all you faithful readers of my blog (Hi Marge! Hi Dad! Hi Mickey!) now know, I love strength training. Although I push myself hard, I don't often experience muscle soreness as a result.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday, kind of stiff and achy all over. What had done me in? A medium-size bucket of golf balls the day before, that's what!

Thanks to bad weather, injured golf partners and other assorted reasons, it's been about a year since I've played golf. I got to feeling a little bad about that, so I headed for the driving range, just to make sure I hadn't lost it (not that I ever really had it).

Although I could still hit the ball pretty well, I had apparently lost something, because the next day just about everything was sore: my neck, my shoulders, my hips, even my ankles. I mean c'mon, my ankles? What the ... ?

I'm going to just chalk it up to one of those I-guess-I-haven't-used-those-muscles-in-a-while moments. Our bodies supposedly have more than 600 skeletal muscles, so it would be unrealistic to expect all of them to be ready for action at any given time.

I guess this is a good argument for engaging in a lot of different sports and activities. Still, it's hard to figure how swinging my driver could do more of a number on me than those 35-pound dumbbells. But then my relationship with golf always has been a little complicated.


  1. That is hysterical, I loved it. Nice photography. :) I'm assuming you took that photo yourself, very nice.

  2. Thanks, Marge! Yes, I took it myself. My usual photographer, ahem, was at work. I miss my golfing buddy, and hope your elbow gets better soon.