Friday, July 3, 2009

Badminton, anyone?

As we begin this holiday weekend, some of you are no doubt dusting off the croquet set or badminton equipment for the big cookout.

For those of you whose competitive spirit is stoked by beer and family rivalries, I offer this inspirational video.

Enjoy your holiday, and be safe. Those shuttlecocks could put an eye out, you know.


  1. I had no idea badminton could be such an exciting sport! (It certainly wasn't the way we played it as kids at picnics...)

  2. Happy July 3rd!

    Wow, competitive badminton. Pretty fierce! I'm assuming you couldn't find a croquet video.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Crabby! I don't know, at my house, some of the games weren't too far removed from this!

  4. Esther: A happy 3rd — and 4th — to you, too!

  5. Cool video, I love badminton. It's even cooler that two of the competitors are women and one of the women got the winning shot. I guess I watched it a few times. :)