Saturday, August 8, 2009

On the ropes

Lately I've been noticing more than a few people at my gym jumping rope to get warmed up before starting their workouts, or to keep limber between sets of whatever it is they happen to be doing.

I can't really remember jumping rope much as a child, when a lot of other girls were doing it, and the thought of beginning to do it at age 51 kind of scares me. So I have to admire the girls in this video, who take jumping rope to a whole new level.

This is the team known as The Firecrackers, a dedicated group of fourth- to eighth-graders from Ohio who practice two hours five to six days a week.

Look at their smiles and their enthusiasm. I find their performance so refreshing in this age of overpaid, overdrugged professional athletes whose boorish behavior lands them in the headlines more often than their athletic accomplishments.


  1. Growing up with two sisters, I often was roped (pun intended) into helping them play jump rope. I hated it, naturally, but I got my revenge when I'd spin the rope too fast sometimes to get them to mess up... =)