Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home-state pride, KFC style

Just when you think the American diet can't get any worse, along comes this ...

As the report notes, it's being sold only in Rhode Island and Nebraska for now. Why? Who knows, but it sure makes me proud. Yes, little Rhody is for once in the vanguard of ... something.

I don't think I've visited a Kentucky Fried Chicken in 20 years, but I might just have to go soon to see who, if anyone, is ordering this concoction. I'm hoping it's all a hoax or a misunderstanding. It wouldn't be the first time that Fox News has — horrors! — reported something inaccurately.

The term "double down" has its roots in gambling. When you consider the extent of obesity and heart disease in this country, it seems a pretty appropriate name for this sandwich.


  1. Kathy- I cannot pull up the photo, but I can only imagine what KFC has come up with now. It's a know fact, just as sex sells, so does cheesy, salty, greasy fat filled food. All KFC, among other FF chains, care about is turning a profit. They have no shame, only greed for $$$.

  2. Sorry about the technical difficulties, Diana. Trust me, it's gross!

  3. OMG! it's absolutely disgusting. And KFC is proud of this? Imagine that. What would Col. Sanders think? Diana - maybe your pop up blocker isn't letting you see the video. It's worth watching just to see how serious the anchor is telling the story! HA

  4. Oh, if you think this is bad, check out the website called ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com (link here). It may make you weep.