Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Hey Jude' makes it better in Newark

I love those feel-good moments when adversity brings out the best in people. It seems like such moments don't happen often enough, or maybe we're just more likely to hear about the bad than the good.

So when a Transportation Security Administration officer let his guard down at Newark Liberty International Airport last Sunday and some jerk decided to duck a rope and enter a secured gate area through an exit, things could have ended very badly. As it was, passengers in Terminal C were forced to leave and be re-screened, prompting a seven-hour debacle in which police hunted in vain for the man, flights were canceled, and strangers were jammed together in some pretty uncomfortable places. It's the stuff of travel nightmares.

But instead of the usual fistfights or shouting matches one might expect to break out, some passengers broke instead into song. This video gives me hope for humanity.


  1. Uh-oh I think I`ll take my guitar with me as well, WHEN I come to you sometime! :-) But I hope I won`t need it!!!!!

  2. Kerstin, I'm encouraged that you said when instead of if! Just don't fly through Newark. It's well-known for its long delays, even without security scares!

  3. Love it, brought tears to my eyes. Love your posts too.

  4. That was awesome. I love moments in life like that!